List of Animal Guides

Some of these animals, listed, are Dawn's Guides,
a few are Michael's. He knows a few of his guides, however,
he has not had the time to find all of them. I will list in
alphabetical order by name. This list also includes lifetime pets.

Acacia - Dawn's male impala -grace, wariness, leaping
and dancing with abandon

Anastasia - Dawn and Michael's French lop-eared bunny
who came back to them. She is a kissy girl
and a wonderful baby.

Angelo - Dawn's parrot. He symbolizes longevity,
exotic beauty, and assertiveness.

Anya - Dawn's Chipmunk - innocence

Aolea - Dawn's Madagascar hawk. She is fierce
exotic, brave, affectionate.

Arabian Pearl - Dawn's light gray Arabian horse. She is a
beautiful, brave, sweety!

Archie - Dawn's terrapin sea turtle. He represents
grace, persistence, toughness.

Arms - a very large giant squid who came to us, after
she was caught and killed. We love you, sweety!

Artemis - A female snowy owl who came to us. She is
as wise as her namesake. Love you, sweety.

Athena - Another female snowy owl who came to us.
She is wise as her namesake, as well and very sweet.
Mommy loves all her girls and boys.

Babe - Dawn's childhood German Shepherd dog has
come back to watch over her. She is and was
Dawn's mother figure.

Barclay - Michael's very large tropical butterfly - grace.
sensitiviy, ethereal spiritual beauty

Bartholomew - A skunk who was with Dawn, before she
even knew she was psychic. Skunks
symbolize a well-honed survival instinct.

Billy Bob - Dawn pet alligator from childhood, came
back to her. He's a big boy, at 6 feet in
length. Fierceness and stealth.

Birdy Children - All of Dawn and Michael's departed
zebra finches have come back to them,
and they see us as their parents.

Blanche - Dawn's white bunny who was a pet, but insisted
rather forcefully, after she passed, that she
wanted to be "Mommy's Mommy" for all time.
After we understood what it was she wanted,
I accepted enthusiastically, and her overt, jealous
manifestations ceased, totally. She is quite a girl!

Blinky - Dawn's strange and exotic little ancient sea
creature. She reproduced asexually, in life.
She represents subconscious and preconscious

Bobby - A little boy bunny who came to Dawn. He is
sweet and affectionate.

Brandon - a male thrush who was run over by a car.
Dawn saw him in the 311 livingroom, and he
rolled across the rug and disappeared. We
sent him beyond the light and he came back
to be with our ever-growing family.

Brianna - Dawn's Saber-toothed cat. She came to me
from her own Ice Age Tundra. She was earth-
bound, Michael and Dawn helped her to pass
over, and now she is a guide to Dawn.

Brigid - Dawn's falcon - bravery, fierceness, freedom

Brunhilda - A female German Shepherd who came to
Dawn. She is brave and gentle!

Buttercup - A fat gray bunny who came to us. She is
a lovey sweety!

Carrie - A robin that Dawn rescued from the roof of
311 S. Hicks St. She was an earthbound bird
all black. She flew off the roof and disappeared
in thin air. Now she is a happy sweety.

Chipper - A mixed-breed dog that Dawn's family had.
Chipper used to guard Dawn's crib, when
Dawn was a baby. Now Chipper still guards Dawn.

Chloe - Dawn's female bison - strength, toughness.
She is a real sweety to us, though.

Cynthia - Dawn recently dreamed of a Great Horned Owl. The
owl watched Dawn very closely, in the dream, and Dawn
looked calmly back at her. She (the owl) had big, yellow eyes
with no pupils. There was a profound feeling of deep knowledge
yet to be discovered as though the great bird was relaying a
message. Then, suddenly, a young female voice said, very clearly,
"Cynthia" and Dawn awoke. Interestingly, the name, Cynthia, is connected
to the goddess Artemis. Dawn has a Snowy Owl of the same name.

Dahlia Rex - Dawn's 5 foot tall T-Rex baby. Dawn
has always been fascinated by prehistoric
animals, and Dawn saw Dahlia in the
hallway of 1510 Pine St.. She is dark green
and brown, and makes twittering, bird-like
sounds. Dahlia is affectionate and a good
protector. Dahlia is now all grown up to her
full Tyrannosaurus Rex size. She is still gentle.

Darwin - Dawn and Michael's Galapagos tortoise. He
lived to be 200 years old. He is stalwart and determined.

Debby - Dawn's early childhood pet dachshund who
came back to her. She is a happy girl.

Devil - Dawn's wild palomino pony who would never
allow herself to be broken. Devil is a lot
like her mommy, Dawn.

Dexter - Dawn's hedgehog. He is cute, elusive and affectionate.

Diana - Dawn's cheetah. She is swift, lithe, fierce,
exotic, sensitive, affectionate.

Dutch - A bunny that Dawn's brother and sister used to
have, but Dutch came to be with Dawn and Michael.

Eentsy - A little cat who belonged to a little girl who
lived in the neighborhood of 2120 N. Gratz St.
in Philadelphia, PA, during the 19th century.
Michael saw Eensty's apparition trotting
through our apartment. The cat was earthbound
and the little girl came and got her, from the
Light portal. She was happy to see Eentsy,
again, and told us that Michael and I
could share the cat with her.

Ella - Dawn's female African elephant - strength, memory,
intelligance. Ella was a former circus elephant.

Epiphany - A sweet little doe came through; grace, speed, toughness.

Fat Stuff - Dawn's bunny from her teens has also comeback to her.
He is a sweety and a real character.

Fuzzy - Dawn's Tarantula. She is stealthy and watchful.
She is deliberate and likes to walk on the
dining-room table.

Gargantua - Dawn's male, Bengal tiger - strength,
ferocity, stealth, cunning. Gargantua was
also a circus animal.

Gigi - Dawn's lioness, who lived her life on the African Savannah. She is
cunning, fierce and beautiful! She is loving and brave.

Hamish - One of the giant rabbits of England, came
hopping into our midst, May 27, 2007.
He is a sweety and a big, brave, giant boy!

Hannies - Dawn and Michae's 12 foot long giant squid.
They are very strong and dexterous. She will
soon grow to full size.

Hermes - A rottweiler puppy who came to Dawn and
and Michael. He is a happy boy.

Hermione - Dawn's wooly alpaca, who came to her in a dream.
Dawn heard the little llama identify herself as
"alpaca", a word Dawn knew of, but never
uses, so it is never in her immediate
consciousness or subconscious mind.

Therefore, Hermione imposed herself in Dawn's dreamspace.
She is a sweet girl.

Heironymous - Dawn's rhesus monkey and former lab animal.
In life, they called him "Bobo"
but Dawn asked whether he wanted a
better name. Immediately Michael heard

Honey - A bumble Bee who came into our apartment
and died. She joined our family, then. She is
devoted, and I am her new queen.

Indigo - Dawn's crow: Mischievous, smart, funny,
assertive and a good survivor.

January - The female pot-bellied pig! She is
an affectionate sweety and supremely

Jeanna - Michael's pomeranian guide - loyalty, energy,
stalwartness, an affectionate nature...small but tough.

John - Dawn' s little miniature horse who came to her.
He is a little sweetheart.

Jonesy - Michael's wild bunny - cleverness,
self-sufficiency, toughness, fertility

Juno - Dawn's female wild turkey. She is tough & elusive.

Kaahupahau - Dawn's Great White Shark from 20,000
years ago. She appeared, seemingly out of nowhere,
a tiny little four inch baby who would "swim" protectively
around Dawn's head. Now Kaahupahau is her
full-grown, 20 foot long self, and she still
protects Dawn, stalwartly. She is named
for the Hawaiian shark goddess who
protects humans from harm...even man-
eating sharks. She is amazing. Note:
Kaahupahau is now all grown up to her
species' size of 40 feet long. She is still
very sweet and an even better guardian.

Leon - Dawn's mina bird. He is bright, intelligent,
articulate, affectionate mischievous.

Lily - An ornamental goldfish who followed Dawn from
the lily pond she built and Lily used to live in. She
is sweet and exotic.

Marla - Dawn's Marlin. She is graceful, fast, elusive fierce.

Melody - Dawn's doe. She was wild and symbolizes
grace, stealth, wariness, fleetness.

Mercedes - A male greyhound came loping into our midst.
He was a racing dog, in life, and he is swift and noble.

Monarch - Dawn's beautiful monarch butterfly.
Delicacy, beauty and toughness.

Morganna - Michael and Dawn's little brown bunny who came back to them.
She is a sweety and we love her, always. She is another familiar.

Morpheus - Dawn's owl - he stands for wisdom, mystery.
stealth and intuition.

Mortimer - The hop toad. he is from Avalon, NJ,
where the old swamp used to be. I kept
him in a box, one night, and he liked it.

Mouse Friends - For some reason, all the mice that
lived and died at 1510 Pine St., 3R,
came back to Michael and Dawn.

Nicholas - Dawn's racoon, who lived in the Ozark
mountains, during the 30's. He is a survivor,
he is smart and he is loving.

Nicodemus - Dawn's coyote. He represents toughness,
intelligence and survival ability.

Olivia - Dawn's wild rabbit - self-sufficience, wariness,
self-confidence, cleverness, fecundity.

Pandora - Dawn's little green garter snake. She is
stealthy and slinky and very protective.
Snakes symbolize wisdom and woman.

Panthera - Dawn's black panther who came to her in a
dream. Panthera named herself, and is grace
and stealth and beauty incarnate.

Pearl - A white, stray cat that Michael and Dawn took care of. She came back to
us, after she passed. She is sweet and affectionate.

Phoenix - Dawn's 3rd Snowy Owl. She is wise and
stealthy; cute but fierce.

Pinkee - Blinky's "daughter" through cell division.
They both swirl merrily around.

Piper - Dawn's bottle-nosed dolphin. She is playful
sensuous, intelligent, loving and a protector.
Pixie - Dawn's little chickadee. She is a real cutie and
sweety. Blitheness, innocence, strength.

Pomeroy -Michael's barn owl. He is wise, protective
and mysterious.

Precious - a parakeet who came to us. She is a resiliant sweety.

Providence - Dawn's dove. She symbolizes transcendance, grace,
peace, and love.

Prudence - Another dove for Dawn. She is a sweety like the rest.

River - Dawn and Michael's cat. He is graceful, slinky
and affectionate. We still don't know what color
he is, yet.

Ruby - Dawn's fox - she represents the female principle,
slyness, intelligence, mystery, fecundity.

Schuyler - Dawn's wildebeest. He is fast and strong.
Another good survivor.

Serengeti - Michael's male lion. Michael saw a large lion head appear to him, one night
and he knew Serengeti had come to be his guide. Bravery, nobility and fierceness.

Sheba - Dawn's big she-wolf - bravery, fierceness, strong
maternal instincts, loyalty and wisdom.

Shadow - Dawn's raven. He is wisdom, mystery, and magic.

Slinker - Dawn's big rat, who actually came from the
sewers of 19th century Europe. He first
showed himself as a huge gray rat head, in our
hallway. Now he appears as transcendent white. He is
friendly, honest, proud, tough fierce and he,
too, represents the survivor in me. Strangely,
he seems to have named himself, too!

Slytherin - Dawn's Copperhead snake. He is very wise
and serious. He is graceful and very stealthy.

Sofia - Dawn's female impala. She came in a dream and lay
down in the grass, next to me. She wanted me to pet her. I started hugging
her and she rolled on her back, playfully, and began licking my face. It was
very real.

Sprite - Dawn's little miniature bunny. Dawn saw a
gray, spectral, bunny form, come hopping out
from under the computer table. The form then
disappered. Sprite told us her name and that
she came to be with us. She is also a sweety.

Squeeker - Dawn AND Michael's mouse guide, another
self-named animal, who was wild. He is also
the embodiment of survival and resourcefulness.

Star - A little white cat who came to Dawn in a dreams.
She is Mommy's girl, now.

Stinker - Another bunny who came back to Dawn, but
who was owned by Dawn's siblings. A realy toughy and cutey.

Sturgis - A box turtle who was once Dawn's pet, came
back to her! He is deliberate and cute.

Tangerine - Dawn's pet canary who came back to her
he sings happily all day long.

Tangerine - Also, a happy pomeranian dog who came
to us. She is a sweetheart.
Tawny - Another cat who came to both Michael and
Dawn. She is sweet and affectionate.

Teensy - another house mouse who died and came back
to Dawn and Michael.

Terrabithia - Another female T-rex who came to Dawn
as a baby. She is now full grown and
a wonderful protector. She is gentle, too.

Thumper - Dawn's childhood bunny, come back to her.
She is a gentle, sweet little baby.

Tiffan - A hermit crab who happened along. She is
a tough loner.

Tinkerbelle - We have TWO Tinkerbelles. One is a
little mongrel dog and the other is a
pomeranian. They are both loyal, sweat
and very playful.

Tornado - Dawn's chestnut mare from the old west. She
is fast and graceful.

Toy - Dawn's little wild bunny who came back to her. Dawn rescued Toy whose mother
had abandoned her, or died, when Dawn was in her early teens.
Toy is a little sweety and she loves her mommy.

Tracker - Dawn's male fox. He is brave, affectionate,
fierce and fertile.

Twinky - Another female parakeet who was attracted
to us and our many birds. She is a sweety.

Tyler - Dahlia Rex's brother, or "egg mate". They died
very young and very long ago, but now they are with us.
Excellent protectors, brave and affectionate.
He is "T-Rex" and now fully grown.

Weensy - Another mouse that was killed by Tabitha
(a living) cat, at 2120 Gratz. This mouse came back to us, too.

Whisper - Dawn's Barn Owl; mysterious, wise, fierce and wild.

Willie - Another skunk for Dawn. Good survivor and affectionate.

Yellow Star - A little lemon yellow canary who came to Michael and Dawn
and showed herself, independently, to each of them, as little yellow
orbs. There was a feeling of gentleness, happiness and innocence.

Zephyr - Dawn's white dove, peace, love, faith


Point of interest - Animals have guides, too, and our pets are no exception.

Anastasia, our bunny, has a guide named TRIXIE, a little white bunny who was
the pet of someone who named her the above.

Maeve, another of our bunnies, has a large Jackrabbit for a guide.

He was wild, and he named himself the rabbit version of "LORD THUNDERFOOT".
Yes, it sounds "out-there". When Maeve was alive, we saw him in full apparition, many times.
Babe, my German Shepherd, has a big male wolf as her guide.

Blanche, a.k.a "Mommy's Mommy" has a black and white spotted bunny,
named ANGELA