The Inn Philadelphia Story
                  Chapter One
Michael and I have been going to, or shall I say experiencing Inn Philadelphia for a little over a year.
There is so much that has happened, since we first went there, that the material we have amassed is far too lengthy to fit into these web pages.  As a matter of fact, our experience of the Inn and its otherworldly residents, both current residents and former, is ongoing.
We have gotten to know a family of spirits (five of them), who resided in the house back in the 1830's.  There is a husband and wife, John and Sarah, their daughter  or niece Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's two children Tom, 12, and Eliza, 3.  John and Thomas became our friends and have since transcended the house, possibly along with little Eliza. No one can figure out where Elizabeth's husband is.  Perhaps he died earlier, or left, or just didn't hang around the Earthplane after he passed.
Anyway, it seems that ! the 2 ch ildren and Elizabeth possibly died in a fire on the 4th floor. (The current owners found charred roof beams, evidence of a long-ago fire, when they 1st renovated.)  The children, and possibly Elizabeth, could not transcend their death traumas and were stuck in the house where Inn Philadelphia now is.
John and Sarah lingered on for the sake of the children.  The same book that told us Chloris' story,  recounts events told by the owners of Inn Philadelphia, where both the chandeliers in one diningroom were swaying in wide circles,  seemingly of their own accord, and sounds had been heard by the early morning staff, of voices and footsteps, when "no one" was in the diningroom.
What you are about to read is an overview of our experiences with these people - because people is what they are to us, even though they are once removed from the reality we know. We COULD write a book regarding all we've seen and experienced, but for now, we give you the synopsis.
After we read the story in the Philadelphia Ghosts book,
Michael and I decided to go to 251-253 S. Camac St. in Center City Philadelphia.  This is where the Inn is located, and we wanted to take an initial look at the menu posted outside the front door.  The day was a balmy day in November, and so the restaurant's outer door was propped open, exposing the inner vestibule.  While we stood eyeing the rather mouth-watering menu,
we soon became uncomfortably aware that there were several pairs of unseen eyes on us.  Michael pointed to the "empty" vestibule, I looked, and the impact of presences standing there really hit me.  I immediately was filled with an oppressive sense of depression and anger...not directed at us.  What WAS directed at us was a strong feeling of curiosity, interest and surprise that we could even acknowledge them.  The other sense of surprise was that we did not see them as "other".  We said hello to them, said we'd be back to dine with them, and went on our way.
A few weeks later we did go to the Inn for dinner. We found the staff to be friendly and witty, our kind of people; apparently the owners of Inn Philadelphia like ! to play up their otherworldly residents because there was a copy of the same book we read, sitting on their waiting area coffee table. 
After about a five minute wait, the hostess took us up to the Franklin Room, which is their main diningroom.  The second we stepped over the threshold of this elegant room, it was like we were in another dimension.  A sudden feeling of high-energy mania pervaded the space, as though extra electric currents were being applied to our nerves.  We were charged!  Okay, no one else seemed to be noticing this, and if they were, they were doing a great job of behaving obliviously to it all.  We were seated, supplied with menus and water, and left to ourselves.
The energy drew our attention upward, halfway up the cathedral ceiling, like gah-gah partiers, and my immediate impression was of a middle-aged woman, whose very strong presence was presiding over the room.  This was HER restaurant, and we were HER honored guests.  I felt that the atmosphere in the room was courtesy of her, as well, because we quickly began to feel an odd, giddy intoxication...substance-free, even.  She was definitely noticing us.
Then came the child-like presences...2 of them, we felt, a small girl and an older boy. The energy increased to high playfulness, and they were enjoying the fact that we had begun to poke fun at a table-full of very self-important politicians.  That is when the flashes and orbs started, along with playful hair-tugs and zipping shadows.  In the midst of a bout of riotous laughter, I suddenly noticed a vague, very depressed presence of a man, roughly middle-aged, standing in the corner by this table of politicians. He seemed to watch them wistfully, but then perked up as soon as he knew I was aware of him.  I told Michael "there is a man in that corner,"  all the while hoping I wasn't just imaging things.
However, the visual activity immediately began increasing, after I had made that observation.  I was also treated to the bathroom doorknob turning on its own, multiple hair-tugs, and Michael witnessed some pretty cool shadow figures.  It seemed like some kind of bizarre fantasy land where we were being entertained by sprites,
albeit, some of them were depressed.  We also sensed the presence of a young woman, very depressed, standing in the vestibule that led to a stairway to the 3rd floor.  In those days we were totally ignorant of their names, and most of the dynamics of  our friends' situation.
All we knew, at the time, was that we were amazed and felt honored to be the center of attention.  We also felt half drunk, sans alcohol.
Finally, at the end of the evening, the depressed woman and man seemed less so.  It appeared to me that these people had nothing better to do than watch the dominant woman preside over the guests while the children engaged in endless hijinx.  I thought I would think of the implications later, since, at the moment, we were having too much fun!
As we descended the carpeted stairs down to the bar area again, we were accompanied.  Every light fixture we passed dimmed and crackled as we passed it  We felt the dominant woman by the front door, with us, and as we thanked her in our minds, we felt a "Please come again."
"Wow, they really like us, and can you believe that?" We said over and over to each other as we made our way home.  I could feel th! e odd "h igh" beginning to wear off.
We were hooked, from then on in, however.  Inn Philadelphia, the restaurant that was definitely SARAH'S house, would soon become one of our regular "haunts".