<H1>In Loving Memory of Our Sweety</H1>


In Loving Memory of Our Sweety

Jeanna North is a little girl, aged 11, who went missing
in June of 1993, in Fargo North Dakota. Her body was never
found, even though her murderer, Kyle Bell is currently in
prison because he confessed to the crime.

This is the true story of how a woman, going by
the names of Celtic Witch and
Lady Reigna,
came to the Northern Lights Paranormal message board,
claiming that the unquiet spirit of Jeanna came to
her for help. I, Dawn Crist, aka DarkLady, to the NL
board, decided to help Lady Reigna aid Jeanna to put
her tragic fate behind her and pass over, finally.
In the process, we also helped Jeanna's adult
companion Baby Jane McQualley to put aside her
own tragic life and go to the "Land of Love",
as the two spirits so poetically put it.

This article is a tribute to little Jeanna North
and her companion, Jane McQually

A woman going by the pseudonym of Lady Reigna, aka Celtic Witch,
came onto the NORTHERN LIGHTS PSI message board,
on Halloween (Samhain), 10/31/2001. She did not
introduce herself formally, at first, as is usually
the case, she simply joined the conversation on
someone else's thread entitled "Was I Visited?"

Celtic Witch seemed bothered by something. Her
initial posts were tentative and somewhat cryptic,
and she was fascinated by the idea of pendulums as
a communications medium with the dead. She behaved
as though she had a secret that she wasn't sure
she wanted to tell anyone.

I came on and immediately poo-pooed the idea of
hand-held pendulums because no matter how still
one tries to hold a dangling object, one's heart
beat and other autonomic responses will cause it
to sway back and fourth ever so slightly. CW, I
and a couple others debated this and dowsing rods
for a few posts, then I said something like
"Of course, if you are holding a pendulum, and it
flies up in wild arcs and there is no earthquake
going on....then something strange,
indeed, is happening!"

That was when CW said that is what happened when
she tried the pendulum trick. At that point she
finally admitted that she had two ghosts dogging her heels.
I had to agree that she was on to something. With a
little more discussion, which revealed more details,
another board member from the vicintiy of Fargo ND,
calling herself Ghouliemom, asked if CW was talking
about Jeanna North.

Lady Reigna admitted that this was indeed the spirit,
and that Jeanna was accompanied by an adult "guardian"
who called herself "Baby Jane". More in-depth reading of
this message board conversation can be found


Lady Reigna bemoaned the fact that, due to
curiosity about the Jeanna North case, she decided
to do a Horary Chart on the crime, which is a
chart dealing in future predictions, relative
to the point in time at which the event first
transpired. According to Reigna, it was this
fixation on the chart, and her advocacy
of children, which attracted the spirits to her.

At one point, in the "Was I Visited" thread,
(this thread was originally on a totally
different topic, and by a completely different
author), Celtic Witch suddenly channels Jeanna
for a brief paragraph. I was the first to
remark on this very strange alteration in
subject and tone. In addition, the level
of the writing became extremely infantile
and dyslexic, in spots. As can be seen
from the thread itself, I commented that
it seemed as though both Jeanna and
Jane were speaking at once. CW agreed with me.

At that point, Lady Reigna, aka Celtic Witch,
began to e-mail me personally, regarding in-depth
information about her predicament.
Apparently, Jeanna confided to CW the
little known facts of the terrible crime,
itself, in addition to revealing the location
of where her body is currently buried.
This knowledge in itself is amazing,
since Jeanna's body is still currently
"missing". Due to the sensitive nature
of this information, however, both
CW and I have agreed to keep most of
the e-mails out of this chronicle,
for our safety's sake.

Initially, Jeanna and Jane kept insisting
that neither of them would let the matter
drop until Jeanna's body was found and made
public. Since Celtic Witch was fearful of
uncovering the remains independently, because
of who and what were involved in the sordid
affair, and since she could not get the
authorities to listen to her, she had resigned
herself to spending the rest of her life
being haunted by unquiet spirits.

My first thought, regarding this prospective
fate was, 'no effing way, in hell!!'

I made a decision that somehow, some way,
we were going to set CW, Jeanna and her
companion Jane free of all this crap, once
and for all!

CW and I exchanged a constant stream of e-mails
for a week, or so, and the more she told me,
the more disturbing this case was revealing
itself to be. A small example of the malevolence
of this whole thing was when CW told me that
another psychic had tried to get involved in
the Jeanna North case. Apparently, certain members
of the North family told her that if she knew
what was good for her, she would leave it alone!

Since Celtic Witch also has marked talents
as a trance medium, she and I decided to sit
tight and do an Instant Message Channeling of
Jeanna and Baby Jane. What was revealed to us
was the grief-stricken horror of a traumatized
little girl who was convinced, at that point,
that she could not pass over until her body was
found. This sentiment was shared and encouraged
by Jeanna's adult companion, Baby Jane McQualley.
*** It should also be stressed here that the
opinions expressed in the following transcripts,
regarding Jeanna's mother, Sue North, are NOT
the opinions of the author of this piece, nor
of this site, nor of Lady Reigna***

(To read the 1st IM channeling transcript, click


In the transcripts, the style of the writing
of Jeanna and Jane is very different from
that of CW's prose, indicating that there are
more than one personality involved. Some people
would, of course, attribute this to a split
personality, or to a very clever and devious
perpetrator. However, one of the most obvious
signs of the authenticity of the channelings
is the fact that, on a few occasions, my
questions were answered before I had finished
typing them. Also, in one transcript,
while I was addressing Jane, Michael suddenly
walked into the room and sat down to view
the on-line conversation. As soon as Michael
had sat down, Jane remarked that "Lady has
nice man with her." Then Jane, who had passed
in 1904, became confused because she realized
that she could not "see" Michael.

Curiously, both Jane and Jeanna converse,
over the computer, in a rather infantile manner.
CW's and my theory is that Jeanna, at that point,
had regressed to an infantile state due to her trauma.
In one transcript Jeanna reveals that she believes
it is still 1993 and she is still 11, eight years later.
When I told her that the year was 2001, she became
insistant that it was 1993 and it would always
be 1993.

Jane knew better than this; as a matter of fact,
she seemed very lucid and aware of exactly what
day it was, how long she had been Earthbound
and what the dates were. Indeed, this knowledge
was something that had beaten her soul down.

Also, we came to believe that Jane, too, had
regressed due to circumstances in her life and
death that had driven her over the edge.

In these transcripts, the two spirits are
obsessed over a person named Fred, whom
Jeanna claims abused her. She also believed
he had a hand in her kidnapping. Neither
CW nor I have been able to pin-point who this
"Fred" is...or WAS, although we've had our
suspicions. There is no evidence to prove anything,
so this person's existence and involvement have
been an enigma to us.

second IM transcript,


Jeanna talks about a police officer named Pat, with
some kind of understanding that Pat would help
LR find Jeanna, however, there had been a falling-out
of some kind. Jeanna thinks he is a nice man
who will help, early on in the session, but
then slowly she begins to understand that
this man was now out of the picture.
Along with her agonies about Fred,
she now begins to complain bitterly
about Pat.

Jeanna also fixates on an address
343 64th St. North. It is an address
that seemingly does not exist, and she
rails that Fred lives in a trailer.
I tried to find out about the address,
but to no avail, and I also tried to
find out the exact location of Fred's
trailer....to no avail. Still Jeanna cried
that he came to her in the night to
violate her, and it sounded as though
it was still happening. In addition,
Jeanna told me that he attacked other
little girls, as well, and it was all
said in the present tense!

Later, Jeanna suddenly announces "Fred Dead!"

This is something that may have been possible.
It had been 8 years since the crime, but
it horrified us to think that the spirit
of "Fred" was still abusing this poor
little girl. It could have been that
she was reliving her death trauma,
vaguely knew some of the truth,
but was largely confused. It was
also this same transcript where Jeanna
insisted that it was still 1993
and she was still 11.

Shortly, Jane takes Jeanna away to
the "resting place".

Lady Reigna and I discuss what had just
transpired and made a few Bette Davis
jokes, since Jane called herself "Baby Jane".
This brought Jane roaring back, accusing
me of laughing at her. It took some
reassuring to convince Jane that we
were not making fun of HER, at all.
Slowly, she calmed down.

After some further conversation with Jane,
she begins to reveal certain facts about
herself, but she does a lot of lying,
in the process. She admits that she
murdered someone, in life, and says she
murdered her husband. Then she tries to
tell me her husband is Fred. We go around
with this until I tell her that we cannot
help her if she lies to us.

Jane eventually apologizes for lying,
but the fact remains that she murdered someone,
in her life, and she feels that she does
not deserve forgiveness. The session
ends with her and Jeanna bowing out, again.

Transcript 3

We speak mostly to Jane McQualley. This is
because we realized that she was convinced
that she was Earthbound forever, and was
deathly afraid that we would take Jeanna
away from her by getting the little girl
to pass over. In addition, Jane was angry
because she felt as though Jeanna was getting
more attention than she was.

We find that Jane is a very angry woman
who died at the age of 22, in 1904 of
influenza. Since then, it was our impression
that she had been wandering alone, all this time!

She had been a school marm who loved teaching
children, however all of that was ripped away
from her, and she would not tell us why, yet.
Instead, she went on about how she was now
haunting Pat the policeman unmercifully
for betraying Lady Reigna. She also talked
about snippets of pleasant memories, in her
short life, of how she loves to smoke, and
how she missed her mother.

She told me in confidence that I should not
tell Lady Reigna that she stole her cigarettes
and smoked them!! In a later e-mail to me, after
she had read over the transcript, LR exclaimed,
"So THAT is what is happening to my cigarettes!"

Jane asked me if she could come to MY house and
smoke cigarettes, but I told her that I don't smoke!!
She told me, too, that the reason why she liked
to be called "Baby Jane" is because that is
what her mother called her.

Her mother, she said, was in the "Land of Love",
and she missed her mother very much. I kept
urging her to go to her mother, but Jane was
staunch in her insistance that she had
"taken life while still alive" and that
there was "no forgiveness after here."

So no matter how much I tried to tell her
that she could have forgiveness, Jane,
at this point, would not listen.
We did, however, strike up a
rather interesting friendship. She
talked of Jeanna, too, in alternatingly
caring and then insensitive manners.
Jane was a person who had been hardened
to her own pain, and so she was many times
brutally derisive of Jeanna's pain. LR and
I decided that we needed to either get
Jeanna away from Jane, since Jane was holding
her to earth, or to get them both to pass over.

I opted for the latter, since I genuinely
felt badly for poor Jane, as well.

Fortunately, we did not have to wait long
for either of them to go over. Thanks to
a very powerful spirit who was with LR,
at the time, James, a.k.a. Miglikai.
He took it upon himself to push Jane aside,
so that Jeanna could finally cross over
into the Light. You can read about this in
Jeanna Crosses


Jeanna passed first, and since Jane was
knocked out of the way rather unceremoniously
by Mig., she was enraged at LR for days.
Then we did a final IM session to help Jane.
In THIS IM, we found out a few things that
we had NO idea of, in subsequent sessions.

There was a third party, holding
Jane prisoner, here on earth.

The account of jane passing can be found in:
Jane Finally Passes


This brings us to the end of this
chapter of their story. Now, Jane is
reunited with her son, and Jeanna is the
adopted daughter of Dawn (DarkLadyJr).
After all they had been through, both
spirits are very happy, indeed.

THE END.........(For now)