Maple Sheyenne Lutheran Cemetery
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Long shot, showing the East Tree Row Meeting the
North Tree Row.  There is a mound of dried grass,
way in the N.E. corner of the cemetery.  This place
is the site of the alleged unmarked grave of JN.
This is a wide shot of part of the East Tree Row.
The red circle indicates what Michael, GM, LR and
I saw in close-up. 
This is a close-up of what I circled in the previous photo.  The image inside the red circle in this pic looks to be part of a face, with the bridge of the nose, and two eyes.  It is even flesh color, with shadows and sunlight illuminating the cheek and  nose.CII thought the face may be that of Mary Anne Graysonlick here to add your text.
This is the picture of Lloyd (Bjorn), that Mary Anne pointed out, in an Instant Message channeling session with LR, as the man who would help us out.  "Follow Lloyd", she told me.  This face hit Michael
and I in our faces, when we first saw it.  Even though there are other vague faces, in this pic, Lloyd's is the most obvious.  ck here to add your text.
This is a medium shot.  Faces start to stand out.