What is Soul Rescue?  

Soul Rescue is the act of delivering an earthbound spirit to a higher dimension. This practice has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion, although many impose their beliefs upon it.  However, rescuing a soul can only be done if the soul genuinely
wants to be delivered from the Earthplane.  It is a mistake to think that spirit rescue has anything to do with preaching or prosylitizing, because that is not how it works. 
Some people simply cannot move on, once they have died, and there are many reasons for this inability, that are often not their fault.
One is Death Trauma
The person has been so traumatized by the manner of his or her death, that she or he either does not know they are dead, OR, they are in a state of shock, and cannot think straight enough to know what has happened. 
Some people are even maddened by their mode of demise; a sad state of affairs, but it is possible, with patience, to break through the dead persons' confusion and help them
to move on. The most extreme form of death trauma is when a person has retreated
into his/her own reality bubble. A sort of hell, where they are reliving their death, and the events that lead up to it, over and over again.  These mini-realities are hard to break through, but, once again, this can be done, with patience. A good psychic can many times converse with people in reality bubbles.  The trick is to convince them that they are dead, and what they are experiencing is a product of their own minds.
Usually, the input of a new element, into their ever-repeating scenario can begin to snap the hapless victim from her or his fantasy and end the fugue-state.  Further talking and reasoning can help them back to larger reality, where they will be able to see the Light Portal, and their transcendent friends and familes, once you call them. Sometimes, the victims' world is so shrunken down and hidden, that guides are needed to help pull them out. 
I have known one or two people who have rescued souls in dreams, where
the dreamer is invited into a person's bubble, sees all that is happening, and sees how the victim died. The dreamer is the element that breaks the spell and frees the victim,
because the dreamer suggests a new alternative, offers comfort, or changes the ending of the scenario that the dead person keeps re-living.
Other reasons for being Earthbound, include, fear of hellfire, or some such punishment.
They see the Light, but are afraid of what is beyond it.  Most people who are afraid of
punishment, usually haven't done anything terrible, and so they must be reasoned
with and comforted, and if you call a transcendent friend, pet or family member to the
edge of the Light Portal, the victim can see that there is nothing to be afraid of.  Even
people who have done terrible things, can be reassured and sent into the Light, as long
as they are truly sorry for what they have done, in life, and make amends before they
pass over. Contrary to religious beliefs, the only Hell that exists is in our own minds.
People condemn themselves, and even though it may take a very long time for them to
become enlightened, a hellish existence, after death, is never eternal.
Still others are earthbound, because they felt their lives were cut off too soon, and so
they try to continue "living", as it were, but they are lost, and their existence is a poor
substitute for being alive.  These people are hard to deal with, many times, and are best left alone, until they get tired of their charade.  Sometimes they can be quickly
convinced to pass over, if you ask them who they miss and would like to see again.
Then, it is up to the transcendent friend. pet, or family member, to further convince
the earthbound, that they are wasting their time and need to come home. In addition,
there are many people who are simply focused, totally, on the earthplane.  They
are not spiritual and cannot see beyond three-dimensional reality.  They die, and are so focused on shallow existence, that they see nothing except their physical surroundings, and they can't see whether anyone has come for them, or not.
It also must be said that there is a huge difference between spiritual thought, and religious thought. 
Some earthbounds are still having what they feel is a good time, over here, and so
we leave them to their revelries, for however long they want. 
Lastly, there are the earthbound spirits of psychos, murderers and rapists; people who are still raging and wreaking havok and are totally uninterested in and unfit to cross over.  There are people, too who are of a lesser destructive nature, but they can be nasty, brutish, cruel, self-centered and insensitive.  These spirits are better left alone and often grow more offensive, the longer they are earthbound.
The process of many rescues is not very difficult, once you get the hang of it. 
The people we have rescued have always come to us, first, and asked us to either
help them, save them, or send them home. 
First we ask them to look for the brightest light they have ever seen.  Many have to look around for it, surprisingly.  Perhaps they were too distracted to notice, before then.  We tell them that the Light is where they have to go, but then we call loved ones to come show themselves.  Sometimes, all you need is a beloved pet to come get them,
and the earthbound person will happily cross over. 
Once the person crosses over, they are in a better place.  Their wounds are healed, they can begin to grow, and they can even start their lives over, where they left off, at the time of death. The person is still who they have always been, and their free will is still intact, contrary to religious teachings.  A transcended person can also go back and forth between the earth and their transcended dimension; they are not stuck there, contrary, again, to religious teachings.  Once a soul is transcendent, however, if they come back to be a guide, or to just check things out, they bring a little "heaven", the
"Summerlands" or the "Elysian Fields" with them.
When a transcendent soul re-enters the earthplane, they do not revert, because they have learned too much.
Some people think that living humans have no right to "meddle" with spiritual matters, as though we are nothing but inept beings with no power.  This thinking is wrong-headed, and, once again, borne of religious dogma that tells us we are all pathetic "sinners".  People like this think that the transcendent families of the earthbound, should "handle" things, or God or the "angels".  The simple fact, however, is that free will is always paramount, and if a person is totally focused on the earthplane, they will not see or hear anyone from beyond the Light, no matter how much the transcendents scream and shout.  And since being focused totally on the earthplane means only being able to see and hear living humans, it is living humans they will come to, if they want help.  That being the case, it will be living people who will help them transcend. That is the fact of it. There is a saying: As above, so below.
That being the case, living people can and should be helping stuck spirits to find their way home.  It is the supreme act of mercy.
Many times we have been thanked profusely by a transcendent friend or family member, once they have their loved-one safely on the other side. they will say something like,
"Thank you, so much, for helping our Justine to come home!  We have been calling
and calling and calling, and she never could hear us!"
So, in many situations, it appears that a living human is crucial, in helping a lost
soul to enter a transcended state.  It would seem, then, that the world is in sore need
of rescuers, but so much of our society cannot and will not make the effort to
understand things that go beyond the physical, other than to turn spirits into a
freak show, household pets, test subjects, or to deny them altogether.
Sometimes we have been asked to rescue large groups of people, all at once.  This is
accomplished by doing a spell, since a large amount of mental energy must be expended, in order to begin the dynamics of dislodging the spirits from their earthbound prisons.  A good example of this is in my account of the MSLC Mass
Rescue, in the Stories section of this site.  At any rate, it is our hope that these
pages can educate people who may read them.  There are others who rescue souls,
but not many, and we hope that in the future, people will become more aware.