The INN Philadelphia Story
Anomalous white streak
zooming over a chandelier in INN Philadelphia's Franklin Room.

We were able to confirm the 1st names of  the INN Philadelphia spirits by an arduous search through the 1830 Census Records, and also the Quaker Geneology Reference, Vol II.
Initially, all we knew of their names was what both of us had intuited.
Our friends were Quakers, in life, and also key members of the Underground Railroad, since an entrance to a tunnel for hiding runaway slaves exists in the INN's basement. 
They were the Hutchinsons, a family of five.
Here is an excerpt from "The Encyclopedia of Quaker Geneology, Vol. II", page 249. It is a marriage announcement:

"1823 4,10. Sarah W. [Peirce], dt Joseph and Mary, Burl., m John Hutchinson, Jr., s John and Margaret, Phila., at Burl. MH"

Chloris Ingleby is part of local legend, and so we knew her name from the beginning.
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