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Chapter Twenty Three

Tammy: Merlyn, why have we not seen
Max around here any more?

Merlyn: Tammy, I really do not know?

Ramsey: Well, I do not know either, maybe
he went to work at Eddie's place
on the Eastside of town?

Tammy: I do not think so.
I think that something else happened
and my nose is itchy?

Merlyn: Tammy, go blow your nose,
you maybe have a cold.
Are you allergic to anything?

Tammy: Yea, I am allergic to you,
Merlyn! MEOW, MEOW!!!
Ramsey: You two quite it,
let's get back to finding Max.

Tammy: Ok, let's go next door and
find out where Max is?

Merlyn: Ok, let's go!!


All three cats travel to next door and
scratch at the back door, several
new people are around and there
is sadness in the air.

Several cats from the Gang are next door,
specifically, Daisy and Cid. Every where
the cats look they see people talking and
eating and drinking, yet they feel very
sad and do not know why?

Tammy: What is going on?
Why do I feel like I should be crying?

Merlyn: Yea, I feel the same way,
like I should be weeping?

Ramsey: I do not know but look over
there is Sophie, let's go talk to her.

Sophie: Hi Tammy, Merlyn, and Ramsey,
did you come to say good-bye to Max?

Merlyn: Where is Max going?

Sophie: You did not know that Max
died in his sleep last night.
He was really sick these last
two years with many problems.
Max is in a better place and
he is playing in the tall
green grass with fields of daisies.

With that sad news, all three cats start
crying and howling with sadness, tiny drops
of kitty tears filled the air and stillness occurs.

No one can talk or even understand what just
took place. Suddenly, Daisy and Cid come over
and go up to Sophie and give her a hugs and
wet kitty kisses. Several words are spoken to
Sophie and jesters are made that indicate friendship
and support.

Merlyn, Tammy and Ramsey go over
and give Sophie and Daisy,
Cid and each other hugs and wet
kitty kisses.

All the cats are in morning and know
that Max is in a better place and that he is not
suffering any more that he is in Heaven
and with Mr. Squirrel and Jasper. The group of cats
bury Max in the back yard , right next to Jasper.

All the cats take a dandelion and toss it on his
shoebox coffin and weep and say GOOD BYE TO THEIR FRIEND.

Today's Secret Message is...
All of God's creatures live and die.
Kitties and Humans are sad and grieve
for the loss of a loved one.
God protects us and send his angels
to look over us in times of need.

Always remember, that crying is just
another way of saying that you loved
your friend, or family member and that
even big cats, like Merlyn and Ramsey
cry for Max as well as Tammy, Daisy, Cid and Sophie.

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