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Chapter Twenty Five

Merlyn: What is going on?

Tammy: I do not know?
Ramsey: Tammy and Merlyn, Look over there
(Ramsey motions to the other kitties to Marty)
Marty is really concerned, I never seen him scared and intense.
I sense that something is very wrong.
I smell fear from Marty.

Tammy: Merlyn & Ramsey.. I smell fear from Marty
and I sense something very wrong too.
I am going to hide, Marty is really glued to the T.V.
more than usual.

Merlyn: WAIT! WAIT! MEOW! MEOW!!!!!!

Ramsey: (Turning his head) Tammy & Merlyn
are you watching Marty especially what is on T.V.?

Tammy, Tammy and Ramsey all start watching the T.V.
All the cats gaze in disbelieve as they view the horandous
and tragic events unfold before their kitties' eyes.
Marty is watching also the tragic events on the T.V.

Tragedy attacks the US on September 11, 2001,
while the cats and Marty watch the Twin Towers
callapse from the two hijacked planes explode into
these two tall towers. Staring in disbelieve,
the world gazes as in watching a movie.
Seeing these two powerful glass structures
topple floor by floor until there is nothing left
but shattered glass and shattered lives.

The rest of the event that took place on this infamous
day will stay with the human race and animal kingdom
for eternity.

Thousands of lives were lost in a twingling of an eye.
From New York City to the Pentagon and the small town
in Penn., T.V. cameras illustrate total destruction and
lose of property, human life and a callapse of the US
economic structure as we once had now lays in
ashes, fires and billowing smoke!!!

Tammy: Today Secret Message is.....

War is cruel and causes losses on different
levels. Loss of any life, loss of property,
loss of security, loss of stability.

What all of us have to do, animal or human
is pray, pray and pray.

Pray to God for help and intrvention.

Peace to the world, today and always......

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